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LN2 Cryostat

Low cost

For > 80 K applications

Custom defined length

 LN2 Cryostat (340 kB pdf-file)

Low-cost LN2 axial flow cryostat for applications where temperatures > 80 K are needed. The cryostat is composed by LN2 input and output steel tubes ending in a copper heat exchanger. The cryogenic transfer lines are supported by a rigid frame hosting also the electrical wiring. The compact design conjugates great versatility and fast cooling.

  • Mounted on rotatable DN65CF flange. Different flange sizes on demand.

  • Thermocouple temperature sensor and feedthrough.

  • Additional multipin electrical feedthroughs on demand.

  • Custom cryostat length up to 600 mm.

  • Fast cooling rate up to 20 K/min.

  • Lowest temperature 80 K (at Cu block).

  • Ultra high vacuum compatible to pressures of 10-11 mbar.

  • Bake out temperature up to 200C.

  • The copper heat exchanger can be custom designed.

  • Campatible with several x-y-z manipulators (as the VAb UHV-Manipulator).

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