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i-Sample Holder

Integrated temperature measurement

Integrated e-beam/radiative heating

Easy sample mounting

Independent electrical sample contact

Sample cooling

 i-Sample Holder Data Sheet (260 kB pdf-file)

The i-Sample Holder is a highly versatile variable temperature sample holder with integrated temperature reading. Samples can be heated radiatively or by electron bombardment. A modular design guarantees high flexibility in sample type and shape and an easy and quick sample mounting. The i-Sample Holder is compatible with several commercial Scanning Probe Microscopes.


  • Samples with many different geometries can be employed by a simple adaptation of the cover plate (hat-shape,disk-shaped, wafers, etc.).

  • Electrical connection to reference base plate. In combination with Dodecon Universal Manipulator Sample Stage allows for reading of ion deposition/bombardment currents.

  • Easy mounting and changing thanks to the modular design of the holder and the separation from the lower heating stage.

Temperature measurement

  • The actual sample temperature can be precisely and locally measured by means of a thermocouple connected to the sample back (precision ~ 5 K).

  • Temperature range: 5 1500 K (K-type themocouple). Others on request.

  • For temperature readout the thermocouple (TC) contacts are connected by spring connectors in the Dodecon Universal Manipulator Sample Stage.

Sample heating

  • An integrated heating stage comprising an electrically isolated tungsten filament allows both

    • radiative heating (up to 500 K);

    • e-beam bombardment heating (up to 1200 K).

  • e-beam heating occurs by application of a negative high voltage (HV) to the filament (HV up to 1.2 kV, emission current up to 18 mA)

  • e-beam heating particularly indicated for quick and high temperature sample annealing (flash annealing, e.g. for metal crystal preparation).

  • Filament current and high voltage are applied through the power contacts, connected by spring contacts in the Dodecon Universal Manipulator Sample Stage.

Sample cooling

Technical data

  max. sample lateral size   9 mm
  max. sample height   dependent on application
  thermocouple   type K (5-1500 K)
  others on request
  sample heating   up to 500 K (radiative)
  up to 1200 K (e-beam)
  max. filament HV   -1.2 kV
  max. emission current   18 mA
  sample cooling*   down to 97 K (LN2)
  down to 40 K (LHe)
  * sample holder mounted on Dodecon Universal Manipulator Sample Stage

Atomically resolved Scanning Tunneling Microscopy image of a Ag(001) surface obtained with the Dodecon i-Sample Holder.

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