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Universal Manipulator Sample Stage

Power feedthrough contacts and temperature readouts

Compatible with several commercial sample holders

Independent heating and temperature measurement stage

Compatible with several commercial cryostats

Sample cooling

Optional tip-preparation stage

 Universal Manipulator Sample Stage Data Sheet (250 kB pdf-file)

Compact manipulator sample stage for different types of sample holders. Besides delivering the corresponding contacts and temperature readouts for sample holders with integrated sample heating and T-measurement, it is endowed with an independent heating stage and temperature measurement. This allows to heat and control the temperature also of simple sample holders. The Universal Manipulator Sample Stage is compatible with some of the most widely used commercial sample holders for Scanning Probe Microscopy and can be connected to several commercial cryostats (information on request).

Sample holders

  • The sample stage is compatible with many different commercial sample holders.

  • Sample stage design compatible with various sample transfer mechanisms (through wobble stick, transfer rod, mechanical hand, ... ).

  • Power feedthrough via spring contacts (for sample holders with integrated heating as the Dodecon i-Sample Holder).

  • Possibility of applying high voltage for e-beam heating (e.g. for the Dodecon i-Sample Holder).

  • Temperature readout via flexible thermocouple contacts (for sample holders with integrated temperature measurement as the Dodecon i-Sample Holder).

Independent heating and temperature measurement (optional)

  • An optional heating module that can be operated both in the e-bombardment and in the radiative modus allows the heating of standard sample holders.

  • An optional thermocouple (K-type standard, others on request) with spring contacts allows to measure the temperature also of standard sample holders.

Sample cooling

  • Different interfaces can be chosen in order to connect the manipulator sample stage to several commercial cryostats (as the Dodecon LN2 Cryostat).

  • For LN2 coling, an integrated cooling circuit is in direct contact with the copper block.

  • The copper block ensures optimal thermal conductivity from the cryostat, best contact with the sample holder and a rapid cooling.

Tip preparation stage (optional)

  • Optional module for holding exchangeable tip holders.

  • Might be used for preparing Scanning Tunneling Microscopy tips through ion bombardment.

Technical data

  thermocouple   type K (5-1500 K)
others on request
  standard sample heating   up to 500 K (radiative)
  up to 1200 K (e-beam)
  max. filament HV   -1.2 kV
  max. emission current   18 mA
  copper body block cooling   down to 97 K (LN2)
  down to 40 K (LHe)

Transfer of standard sample holder (left) and Dodecon i-Sample Holder (right).

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